Whether that’s spending a summer cycling across a continent, a season playing for your local hockey team, hiking up a mountain, running a marathon, tearing up the dance floor at a friend’s wedding, teaching a kid to play tennis, going for a weekend walk, or just learning to feel a little better about ourselves.

We each need our own version of fitness to accomplish any of these. GH Fitness is a Notting Hill based personal training service dedicated to helping you find your fit and to discover just what you are capable of when you dare to try.

Fitness is the foundation from which we experience the best things that life has to offer. 



I offer Personal and Group Training, Sports Conditioning and Yoga. Personal Training sessions are adapted to focus on clients' specific needs including: weight-management, muscular conditioning, ski-fit, running performance and mobility. 

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Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

Helpful articles to support you in being the healthiest, happiest version of you possible.


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After spending a number of years working in the corporate world, I realized that the best bit of... my day – an early morning run, a buzzing HIIT class, spinning to some knockout music or finding some space on a yoga mat – and how made me feel, was a passion I really wanted to share with others.

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do not go where the path may lead...

Go where there is no path & leave a trail